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  • An interview with Morgan Wolff on growing mycelium and fruit bodies at Fungi Perfecti.

    Mushroom Talk with Morgan: Growing Mycelium and Fruitbodies

    Morgan Wolff is Director of Farm Operations at Fungi Perfecti®. We sat down with him to talk about our production process and some of the key elements of growing high quality mushroom mycelium and fruitbodies.
  • Apple-A-Day Microbiome Smoothie

    Apple-A-Day Microbiome Smoothie

    Support your digestive system with a recipe our Apple-A-Day Microbiome Smoothie! We combine classic ingredients such as apples, peanut butter and cinnamon with Host Defense® Microbiome powder to make this mouth-watering, tummy-loving smoothie.*
  • Elderberry Plus Citrus Spritzer

    Elderberry Plus Citrus Spritzer

    Support an engaged and balanced immune response with a refreshing Elderberry Plus Citrus Spritzer!* 

  • September is National Mushroom Month & National Honey Month

    September is National Mushroom Month & National Honey Month

    Happy National Mushroom Month & National Honey Month from Host Defense®! With these two celebrations in full swing throughout September, it’s the perfect time to highlight the synergistic relationship between two of our favorite things: mushrooms and bees. 
  • How We Grow Mushroom Mycelium

    How We Grow Mushroom Mycelium

    At Fungi Perfecti®, we follow the science. And years of both internal and third-party testing has shown that mushroom mycelium is highly immunologically active. That’s why we use mushroom mycelium in ALL Host Defense® supplements - because it works!*