Why Take a Beneficial Mushroom for Health?

Mushrooms are a Functional Food
Host Defense mushroom products can be used every day to help:
  • Augment the body's immune system*
  • Support stress and fatigue reduction*
  • Provide support for daily environmental assaults*
  • Deliver enzymes to support digestion and absorption of nutrients*
  • Provide polysaccharides to increase the activity & impact of natural killer cells and macrophages*

Benefit Categories
Every body is different. We make it easy to shop based on your unique needs!
Memory & Cognition*
Formulas focused on Lion's Mane - a mushroom known to support brain health.*
Immunity & Wellness*
Formulas designed specifically for an engaged and balanced immune response.*
Digestion & Microbiome*
Formulas made with Turkey Tail mushroom - a natural prebiotic for the microbiome.*
Energy & Exercise*
Formulas featuring Cordyceps - a mushroom known for supporting energy.*
Relax & Recharge*
Formulas focused on Reishi - a mushroom known to support fatigue reduction.*
Renewal & Balance*
Formulas with Chaga & Maitake - two mushrooms to support system-specific needs.*
Only The Highest Quality
Host Defense Mushrooms are certified organic and grown on our own farm in Washington State, USA.
We maintain organic growing conditions to ensure a pure, contaminant-free mushroom harvest. Our mushroom fruitbodies and mycelium are sustainably cultivated, protecting wild species and their environments. A portion of proceeds are devoted to saving rare strains of mushrooms that dwell within old growth forests. We maintain complete control over all growing and harvesting processes for our mushroom ingredients.
Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.