Fungi Perfecti® - makers of Host Defense® Mushrooms™ - launches their first annual Sustainability Report and is >10X CLIMATE POSITIVE!

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From the beginning, sustainability has been an intrinsic thread woven into every facet at Fungi Perfecti®. As the company has grown, the makers of Host Defense® Mushrooms™ have focused not only on decreasing their negative impact, but also increasing their positive impact.

Now, between actively reducing internal emissions and sponsoring carbon-offsetting projects, they have gone beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions and have actually eliminated additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is climate positive.

As of 2020, Fungi Perfecti® is now climate positive, offsetting their baseline carbon emissions by more than ten times!

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As part of their sustainability journey, Fungi Perfecti® just launched a 2019 Sustainability Report that highlights their efforts and details a longstanding commitment to being >10x climate positive. 

In 2019, Fungi Perfecti® joined the Climate Collaborative and made climate impact reduction commitments in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, packaging, forestry, and transportation. Additionally, they also support several high-impact programs including:

  • A carbon reduction project in Honduras that provides clean drinking water to rural communities.
  • A reforestation program designed to increase carbon-sequestering forestry and end poverty through WithOneSeed.
  • A biogas digesters program in Vietnam designed to reduce emissions and provide low-cost energy to rural communities.

Now, more than ever before, it's important to remember that what we do in the present moment will inevitably impact our collective future. By making good choices now we ensure that the future will be a better place for both ourselves, and those who come after us. In these times of uncertainty and instability, it is both reassuring and stabilizing to remember that better days are ahead, and to focus on the ways in which we can ensure a better future for us all.

Click here to read more about the Fungi Perfecti® Commitment to being >10X Climate Positive! 

Fungi Perfecti® - makers of Host Defense® Mushrooms™ - is a family-owned company specializing in mushroom mycelium-based supplements. Founded by Paul Stamets with the goal of building the bridge between people and fungi, Fungi Perfecti® has become synonymous with cutting-edge mycological research and innovative mycological solutions in everything from water filtration (mycofiltration) and ecological rehabilitation (mycoremediation), to using beneficial mushrooms to combat Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybee populations, and to support human health through their Host Defense® Mushrooms™ supplements. Their sustainability efforts are a natural extension of their continued mission to explore, study, preserve, and spread knowledge about the use of fungi for helping people and planet.

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