Why Take A Beneficial Mushroom For Health?

Why Take A Beneficial Mushroom For Health?

we share more DNA with mushrooms than with plants

Because of this connection, we can easily utilize compounds from beneficial mushrooms for total body support.*

mushrooms support our natural immunity

Plus they give nutrients to support every body system, from brain and nerves to energy to skin cells.*

mushrooms are the original superfood

Used cross-culturally for thousands of years, ancient people utilized beneficial mushrooms for health and as sources of food.

Modern science continues to recognize the array of health-supporting compounds found in mushrooms.*

mushrooms are functional food, can be used everyday and have a full-spectrum of constituents which:

  • support a multitude of body systems*
  • augment the body’s immune system*
  • provide building blocks for our systems on a cellular level*
  • contain enzymes to support digestion and assimilation of nutrients*
  • contain polysaccharides to increase the activity & effectiveness of natural killer cells and macrophages*
  • neutralizes free radicals with antioxidant activity*
  • contain prebiotics and are food sources for probiotic microflora in the intestinal tract
  • support stress and fatigue reduction*
  • provide support for daily metabolic and environmental assaults*
  • offer a food source of nutrition that is readily digestible and absorbable*
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