Our Global Mission -10 Goals Supported by Host Defense Sales

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At Host Defense, we are dedicated to protecting the environment. We all know that environmental health and human health are directly interrelated.

Your support of Host Defense® helps on this global mission to:

  • Host Defense integrative medicine
  • 1. Work with doctors skilled in integrative medicine to augment conventional therapies

  • Host Defense colony collapse disorder
  • 2. Pioneer strategies to counter Colony Collapse Disorder and save bees using mushrooms and fungi

  • Host Defense teach about growing
  • 3. Teach about growing mushrooms for food by recycling local resources

  • Host Defense biodiversity of fungi
  • 4. Protect diversity of fungi and mushrooms along with the plants and animals that depend on fungi

  • Host Defense microfiltration
  • 5. Develop mycofiltration methods to clean water using mycelium
    Photo credit: Katherine Ball's mycofilters lower E. coli on Indianapolis Island
  • GlobalMIssion_6_Mycoremediation.jpg
  • 6. Invest in mycoremediation technologies to break down or neutralize toxic wastes

  • GlobalMIssion_7_Mycoremedies.jpg
  • 7. Replace toxic pesticides with nature- based, non-toxic, non-invasive mycoremedies

  • Host Defense beneficial fungi
  • 8. Build soil with beneficial fungi to support plant and animal foodwebs, aiding agriculture, forests and ecosystems

  • GlobalMIssion_9_Biofuels.jpg9. Encourage research on mycelium and bacteria to developing new biofuel

  • Host Defense funding graduate students
  • 10. Support mycological research by funding graduate students

Join us on this mycomission, our activities today can protect generations into the future

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+Your purchase helps support research to protect bees from colony collapse as well as rare species of mushrooms dwelling in old growth forests.
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